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Prione Overview

Prione play an important role in getting Indian SMBs to sell online and help them through every stage: understanding e-commerce, creating product catalogs, training on the tools and technology needed for an online business, advising them on logistics and products for growth of their online business.

Roles & Responsbilties

  • Designed and Implemented Nagios XI , Nagios log analyzer and Nagios Network Analyzer
  • Designed and Implimented Nagios XI Failover and High avilabilty.
  • Configured 29 Remote Locations with Nagios XI to Monitor the status
  • Configured 29 Remote Locations bandwidth utilzation.
  • Configured 250 Swithces for Nagios XI, Nagios Netowrk analyzer
  • Configured 30 Firewalls with Nagios XI and nagios Log analyzer
  • Configure Alerts system through Nagios
  • Configured Storage through Nagios XI

Technical Skills


Mysql 5.7



Operating Systems



Nagios XI | Nagios Log | Nagios Network


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