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SBI Overview

State Bank of India, (State Bank of India) provides E-Learning to the employees of State Bank group to learn, prepare and update knowledge on banking and other related topics. They needs to access 10,000 users concurrently to their web server. IBM Z-10 EC (MAINFRAME), z/VM, IBM XIV Storage, SLES 11 SP4 ,Oracle 12c and Sakai LMS are used in the Project.

Roles & Responsbilties

  • Designed and Developed new e-Learning application for 10,000 CCU
  • Designed and Implemented High availability under IBM z10 mainframe machine
  • Designed and Implemented Single Sign On (SSO) with Bank AD federation policy
  • Designed and developed Search engine for bankers in Bank internal network
  • Designed and Implemented e-Learning user merger of all Associate Banks (SBBJ, SBH, SBM, SBP,SBT) with SBI Database
  • Improved CCU users from 800 to 9780 at any point of time with high performance
  • Implemented Security for e-Learning Application as per Bank guidelines
  • Converted from non-RAC Single Instance environment to RAC environment
  • Implemented Active Standby Data Guard for maximum availability for Disaster Recovery Management and high availability
  • Designed and Implemented Application DR with minimum RPO and RTO for BCP
  • Designed and Implemented Data Backup.

Technical Skills


IBM zvm


Oracle | Mysql




Nagios | Zabbix


SNORT | IPTables | Kali Linux

Operating Systems



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